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Protect your investment

warranty: 'wor-&n-tE

a usually written guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts

Basic and extended warranties are available on almost every piece of your network.

The difference between a good warranty and a great warranty may be as simple as who you purchase your goods and services through.

Let us know what you want to acquire we research it and get you the best coverage for the least cost possible.

...in some instances you may qualify for a lifetime warranty at no additional charge. You just need to find the right source

Jeff Mattox

Mailing Address
352 Happy Valley Road, Sequim WA 98382
To contact us:
Phone: 360.769.8668
Fax: 206.984.0699
E-mail: jeff.mattox@pscsonline.com

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